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How to get the best shaveUpdated 3 months ago

Shaving is a multiple part process and every face is different. There is no one "right way" to shave that is guaranteed to give you the shave you are looking for. On top of that, to complicate things further, skin tone changes over time and what feels good today may not feel the same tomorrow, and you have to try new things again. The process includes the razor, the blades, the shaving cream or soap you use, how you apply the soap, how you prepare your face before shaving and then your face itself. Changing any one of these things (other than your face!) can alter the shaving experience. Finding the best shave is through trial and error. All of this being said, here are a few general tips that many faces find helpful:

• Shave in or after a hot shower. This emulates the barbershop trick of hot towels on your face and softens your skin and opens pores.
• Use a good quality shave cream or soap that creates a good lather to smooth the process. You might try using a good quality shave brush as this stimulates the skin. 
• Try different blades to see what works best for you. Sometimes the least expensive work the best, other times the "best" blades really are the best. It depends on your face. There is no right or wrong.

Again, there is no one answer to "the best shave". It is a journey of a lifetime. 
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