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Merkur warranty informationUpdated 5 months ago is a Merkur dealer, but not the manufacturer. The Merkur warranty is listed below. If an item is purchased from Merkur Shave, and it falls within the warranty period, then we may be able to further assist with warranty issues. If this was purchased from another dealer, you would need to contact that dealer, or you can contact Merkur directly. Their contact information is below.

MERKUR products are subject to implied warranty (currently 2 years from date of purchase as per the sales receipt, which must be present in copy)

The handling of the claim is carried out by the retailer after a preliminary assessment. For observation of the deadline, please enclose the sales receipt showing the date of purchase. Justified claims will be handled shortly. The implied warranty covers material and production defects only. Normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse or problems due to wrong or insufficient handling and/or maintenance ARE NOT COVERED which includes damages due to application not according to the intended use (e.g. twisted tips, broken off pieces, corrosion).

For further information or questions about the warranty, please contact Merkur directly at [email protected].

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