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Care and cleaning of Merkur Safety RazorsUpdated 5 months ago

MERKUR safety razors consist of chrome-plated die-casted zinc or brass parts. The constant contact with water and soap leads to the deterioration of the materials. The use of the razor over a long period of time is only possible with regular maintenance.

The following, easy steps will maintain the function of your razor: 


With each blade exchange, the razor parts should be cleaned with a soft brush (such as a nail brush) and warm water. If the razor is not used daily, please follow these recommendations at least once a week, or before you store the razor away.

Threads and adjustment mechanisms should be moved regularly, so they will remain movable. Movable parts can be oiled occasionally. For this, please use small amounts of paraffin oil, weapons oil or other machine oil that is acid-free and non-resinous (DO NOT use edible oil!). During the handling, please take care not to overwind the screws.

Shaving soaps have a large fat content. For cleaning away scaling, the disassembled razor should be placed in a solution (1:1) of water and a fat solvent such as dish detergent or hair shampoo. It is possible that the razor needs to soak in this solution for several days and has to be moved around in it occasionally. When even several of such applications do not lead to success, the razor unfortunately is irreparable. 

Stains on the surfaces of the razor can also be removed with the above-mentioned fat solvents.

Another tip:

For the maintenance of badger hair shaving brushes a degreasing cleaning with hair shampoo is also recommended. The alkaline components and the fat of the shaving soaps cause the shedding of the brush.

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